Kanto had an outdated website. Working with Kris Burger, we proposed that we refresh the website before we release and market new products for 2015. Multiple stages of proposals, wireframes and mockups were developed before the release.

On the audio category page we added filters to allow customers to refine what they’re looking for. With AJAX filters the users don’t have to leave the page to refine these results. These filters allow users to see the range of audio products, product specifications and available inputs (such as Bluetooth, RCA left and right, AUX etc.). Below are downloadable speaker catalogs and a full width video that we shot to promote the speakers on the website.

Product Concepts

We created a number of concepts for the product pages and then A|B tested them with users. The most notable outcome was the we found that users preferred to scroll down the page rather then use a tabbed element to move about the page. Users said that the tabbed area added a greater level of thought (thought towards where the information, manuals, specs, etc. would be), rather then to scroll and look. The top of the product page shows the product name, type and descriptions, as well as allows users to use a colour selector to see the product in each colour. Anchor links were used for the features, specifications and shop now areas of the page to direct users to the area of the page they’re looking for, faster.

Features Section

The features area of the product page allows for the copy, front and back images of the speaker and an interactive 360 degree rotate for the set of speaker. Here the user sees the specifications and manuals listed, as well as the images for the product. These images have been set up as a full width area meant to get users interact with Kanto on Instagram and other social media outlets.

About Us

For Kanto’s about page we included a full width header at the top of the page that supports both images and video backgrounds, to allow for a range of content. The background on Kanto, warranty and other important information is found below.

Check out this project where I show the production of the about us video for Kanto.

Kanto has reputable support. We wanted to show that off. We used Zendesk as a platform to allow Kanto’s support team to talk to customers with ease. Zendesk allows the team to work from the office or home, and creates a record and database of the support that users have needed. These reports are then used by the design, engineering and sales teams to better understand where users have problems, and fix them fast.