This more than a portfolio piece is a a reminder that not everything is about money and that certain projects should come from passion. This is the prefect representation of friendship and love.

My dear friend Andrew Murphy wanted me to make a fake shooting using his girlfriend as a model. Sharifa is been one of my best friends since day one I moved to Vancouver.

I fully agreed right away and with a little bit of preproduction we were able to make it work.

We had luck to have the perfect sunny day (remember this is raincouver). Sharifa agreed with a very short notice and so it happened.

We had to hide Andrew behind these stairs in a beautiful secret spot, one of my favorites in Vancouver.

When Andrew started walking towards her I was barely holding the camera I couldn’t stop shaking, didn’t know if this was going to be the most honest and happy video I’ve ever shot or if it was going to be the worst viral video ever if she said no.

Fortunately, he proposed and she said yes and it became one of the best moments I’ve ever been behind a camera.


Engagement Proposal Video


Personal Project for Andrew Murphy


Production, Post Production & Animation